By earthdreamer

The Witching Stone

aka The Pancake Stone

I blipped this stone from above and at the other end of the day and the year here. These two blips of the same stone couldn't really be more diametrically opposed!

I've had to spend the day working, although it wasn't too much of a hardship to forgo a cycle ride with the club this morning. The weather was foul. I didn't get out until late afternoon, waiting for things to calm down a bit. That didn't look like happening when I left home, but as soon as I got up on the moor the clouds started to break and I was able to enjoy a good run. Like yesterday, I feel I took a number of good photographs, but one proved irresistible in terms of the position of the moon in relation to the rocks.

I'm not sure if anyone else calls this the Witching Stone, and I can find no references to this spooky profile on the internet, but it does seem to symbolise rather well the connection of Ilkley Moor to the world of myth and magic. What do you see?

Finally, a quick mention of No.2 son, Roam, who has now passed 50 blips. He's not very good at posting every day, but he's caught up this weekend. I feature in The Old Dog still has it!, after that run with No.1 son the other night. And I think he's also done well since then. He's finding his eye and his own unique voice! I'm rather proud of him.

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