Christmas tipple

I spent the day in Brighton. Fi and I caught up over Christmas shopping in the afternoon, then I headed to the pub to meet some friends - a festive reunion of ex work colleagues. I was the first there and I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted a free table by the roaring fire. I settled down with my brandy and ginger and waited with my book. After an hour and a half of enjoyable reading time, I'd finished my drink and I thought that perhaps I was either in the wrong pub, my friends were seated elsewhere or no one was coming. I completed two tours of the pub and spotted no one I knew, so I texted Jason, who couldn't come tonight, but who might know about the others.

In the end, I gatecrashed his night out and enjoyed a cup of tea in Wagamama's (I couldn't have just a beer there since I wasn't eating, which seems a little silly, but rules are rules). I received a text from one person who went to the pub later and couldn't find anyone there, but it was too late for me - I was heading back to London. The others didn't turn up due to illness, kids' activities, and staying a bit longer on holiday because they were having fun. The last excuse is the best! I can't blame Shelley for staying in Goa for another week. It was fun to catch up with Jason, Jenny and the Slimshack guys.

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