Cioccolata Calda

A little something for my cold hands, warm heart.

My favorite hot chocolate with the best marshmallows in the world. This particular cup boasts one vanilla bean marshmallow and one valrhona chocolate marshmallow. Delectable Saturday morning treat to start my day off wonderfully well.

Studied. As per usual. But this Saturday is the last Saturday I will spend studying in 2011. That is pretty damn exciting to me.

To celebrate, I scheduled a haircut/color with my cousin preceded by a total body massage and facial at a spa in Dallas. To follow those wonderful things, I'm definitely getting a mani/pedi to round out the best day of my entire life: December 16, 2011. A day to best all other days. The end of my first semester of medical school. The beginning of Christmas break... Oh and my parents are coming to visit me this weekend. Huzzah. I win. I finally win. (at nothing in particular, mind you.)

Now if only my upstairs neighbor would knock it off up there throwing babies at the floor or whatever nonsense he/she is up to. Also, get better taste in music; it's positively awful.

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