Radiators.. made of gold

Philly has everything.. just look at these radiators -- GOLD! Real, solid gold. They heat well, now don't they? (More on that in a later blip.. Sunday's, to be precise.)

I made it to Philadelphia after a final exam, no body scanners to be found at the Dallas airport, wifi on my flight (thanks GoGo InFlight), and a bouquet of flowers attached to the hand of my boyfriend. It was so wonderful to get off that flight and head to dinner out in Bethlehem (not to be confused with Bethelhem) with one of Mike's coworkers and her fiance. It was lovely and chilly.
So happy.

5 things, you ask?
1. Done with my semester. Completely done. AND a 4.0 to show for it.
2. Landing in Philadelphia.
3. MFD
4. Flowers.. I love flowers.
5. He loves me. He loves me not.

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