Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Oh the things you will see...

...when you're out walking the dog :-)

Note that Santa has his beard on back-to-front. Presumably his chin and neck were getting a bit toasty with all that jogging.

There appeared to be a fun run on today as soon after Mr. Claus here some other runners plodded past, though sadly not dressed as Santa.

Please indulge me with the just felt right. Some photos whisper, "Go on...colour pop know you want to..." and when the call comes I'm powerless to resist.

Perishing cold but no snow yet. If it can just hold off until after Wednesday I'll be happy.

Noodles is wandering round shouting "I need a man!" Should I be worried? I *think* and hope he's after the toy man who drives his Duplo car transporter...

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