Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Urban Angel

One of the things which I love about my kids is that they get as excited about my photography as I do :-) H often comes up with ideas for blips and is always a willing participant in any oddball schemes I dream up. He got quite into photography for a while but on the whole he prefers being photographed to taking them.

Noah too gets very excited about photography and loves being photographed. He also likes to take photographs and has learned how to use my iPhone! He wanders around muttering ' the button. LOOK MUMMY!' My camera roll is currently full of pictures of toy car transporters and duplo people!

So today we hit Tesco and bought Christmassy food. We have most of what we need now :-)

Edit: I've just remembered something. Noah has taken to saying 'Guys! I need a bit of help!' It cracks me up every time. It cracked me up even more in Tesco today when I suddenly heard a desperate, 'GUYS! I need a bit of help!' followed by the sound of stifled adult giggles. I turned around and there's my little fella struggling to walk along with his trousers having slipped down around his ankles! Bless!

Then we pottered and did nothing much apart from playing with light painting :-)

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