Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Oh the things you will see...

...when you're out walking the dog (2).

Actually this time I was driving to work.

The No said there was never any excuse for colour-popping and I agree...but...I've done it anyway. There surely is never any excuse for doing this to poor old St. Nick! The vulgarity of it brought out the naughty colour-popper in me again.

Last day at work today. I'm so looking forward to my week off. H has been building a Lego Mindstorm scorpion robot and Noah has, apparently been playing with Lexie at nursery. He informed me of this when he woke up after his nap today. I asked who Lexie was and he said, 'Lexie is my friend.' I gather Lexie is cute and blonde...I have very shallow sons ;-)

Oh the things you will see (1)

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