Let There Be Light

By solli

The Salon

I went off to the park where I spotted the hawk as happy as could be sitting high in a tree. I got quite a few snaps of him looking around for his afternoon snack but I have to say I was quite surprised when he lifted his powerful talon to his beak and began to do whatever hawks do when they think no one is watching. His nictitating membranes were drawn across his eyes as he attended to his foot, giving him the appearance of momentary ecstasy.

He can be viewed here in a properly dignified pose.

The little ribit Kingfisher swooped out of nowhere to land on a branch across the pond directly in front of me. I couldn't get my wits about me fast enough- all I could do was watch as he flew under the bridge toward lower Echo Lake. I was able to shoot a few not so bad blurries of him before he lit off for parts unknown. He is definitely a cute one!

Thank you all for your prayers, love and understanding regarding my blip yesterday. Your kindness helped me get through... <3

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