Probably a shot of a Jnr

By Hollowspy

Day 1: SP

When catching up on journals yesterday evening, I came across a 30 day challenge on a post by neet. I am a new subscriber to her journal and I love the variety of shots seen so far; this idea grabbed me as something I need to do to improve on my photography (also it gives a starting point, useful for those emergency Blip feelings!). There is a link on her post to the original article too.

So Day 1 - Self Portrait. Actually this was a good one to start with in some ways as I am not happy with the focussing of my D7000. It did get a bump recently, and I am not sure if this has had an impact (boom boom) on the body/lens or whether I have just psychologically convinced myself there has been. Had a bit of a play and feel a bit happier.

Due to the modes/settings I regularly use, I do seem to end up with f/1.4 which as was highlighted to me the other day as a possible cause of my problems - it's certainly not helping my psychological convincing :-| So I am now going to work in aperture priority mode solely throughout this 30 day project as I never use it! I always seem to default myself to shutter priority. f/2.8 seems a popular choice so that was today's. I also have some real hang-up about using higher ISO's - I have no idea why this is, but am aware that this is restricting me considerably - gonna use this mini-project as a way to sort that out too.

Happy Hangover Day

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