whilst it lived, it lived

Poor desk. After more than five years and a number of tweaks and refits to accommodate new or improved peripherals or components the blipstation for the majority of my first six hundred entries was finally dismantled this evening, partly to make space for the moving of things during the window-re-fitment and partly because the household is now entirely portative-computing-enabled and the space-filling, horribly loud and relatively clunksome-CPU desktop will be getting passed south to a father at some point though precisely when remains to be determined seeing as he's flying rather than training or car-ing up for the Festival this year and will probably not have sufficient baggage allowance to accommodate a midi-tower ATX case and 19" TFT monitor amongst his luggages. There's always the post but I am disinclined to give the Royal Mail any more money after last christmas and whilst they are currently failing to fulfil their obligation to deliver things from eBay to me; whenever that "what would your superpower be?" question pops up one of the possibilities for my super alter-ego is The Deliverer, an entity with the power to break into postal sorting offices across the land, swipe packages from beneath the terminally incompetent eyes of postal staff and deliver them to their rightful recipients within two days (including weekends) of posting. Perhaps not as much fun as being Captain Cuttlefish (who would get to snap his beak at people, fight injustice with ink and rapid backwards movements and battle with his nemeses The Budgerigars) but slightly more altruistic.

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