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Northern Shoveler In Flight

I know it's another duck photo, but I'm amazed a new breed showed up today! I love it when I can find a new duck and can actually identify it.

I captured some interesting in-pond photos, which I will post to Flickr shortly, and add a link. But I really loved the in-flight photos. Although they are not the best quality, I was still happy.

The female has an yellow bill which is very long and wide. The male has a very dark bill. They actually are much more beautiful in-flight as they show a blue-gray shoulder patch, almost teal.

To see more Northern Shoveler Ducks Photos taken today, click here!

To see some of the Mallard Ducks today, click here!

Oh, and just a little sports commentary here....GO DUCKS!!! (That would be the Oregon Ducks who are playing Wisconsin Badgers right now in the Rose Bowl.)

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