Every Day Is A holiday!

By musings

Northern Shoveler Female Duck

I woke up to a beautiful day. The weather may have turned, as the sky is blue, and it feels much warmer out. I grabbed my binoculars to check out the pond, and found that the Northern Shovelers were back....and they were at the near side of the pond! I was fumbling around for my coat, my camera, trying to rush....finally got outside and they didn't seem to mind my approach to the pond at all. I was so close (at least it felt like it) and they paddled around. It was such a different lighting than yesterday, then something spooked them and off they went. I got off about 5 shots, and was so excited that they turned out. Quite different from yesterday's capture mainly because of the lighting and the closeness.

I've posted some of the best shots of Flickr, Click Here To View!

Heading off to the Dr....this darn cough and sinus thingy is not getting better, and I only have so much patience :))))

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