My pick for today - full of reflections, shades of green, native NZ lily pad and a stand alone NZ Cabbagetree - looking a little sad. The sky was exactly like the reflection on the water, clouds galore with wisps of blue sky peeping through - so tranquil.

Out for most of the day, groceries with Mum and W, called into the lakes, had lunch at the developing town of Pegasus and a quiet sit at the beach where it was soooo warm and very humid. It was cloudy but further north blue sky could be seen while rays of light tried to penetrate through the cloud to the south - quite unusual. Some swimmers, dog walkers, runners, walkers while others were contented sitting on logs reading a book just having a chat - a lovely way to pass some time.

Since getting home the sky has cleared and the sun is beaming down - so hot!
But the earth is calm after a small rumble this morning - thats a good feeling!

Great day - time for tea, Friday tomorrow and then the weekend, thats come round fast with a short week :)

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