Cullen panorama

So, it was Cullen in the morning break today. Not sure I like it as much as Portsoy although it seems to be the place where everyone has been if they have ever visited this part of the world. Lovely beach, of course, and a nice place to go in the summer. We stopped off briefly on a beautiful summer's day in August 2010 so I can attest to that. It also has a harbour built by Thomas Telford and a magnificent viaduct for the now departed railway, and it was from the harbour wall that I took this panorama which features the viaduct if you look closely, and showcases the remnant of yesterday's magnificent waves.

I've now created a Blipfolio of images from Iceland. I'd be glad if you checked it out.

PS I chose a panorama partly because I forgot the Ixus so had to use Arclight again. This is one of Arclight's special functions, although it produces rather small images. For what it is worth, this is best viewed large.

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