Findhorn Bakery Excellence

First of all, thanks very much for all the comments and 5 star 'marks' on yesterday's panorama. Not to mention the complimentary expressions of appreciation of the Iceland blipfolio.

Today's subjectmatter is very different and reflects our trip to Findhorn and visit to the excellent bakery there where we had 5 star coffee and cakes (chocolate roulade and blueberry meringue roulade) and where we released from captivity some excellent rye bread and chocolate chip shortbread. Well, someone has to. It's not that the subsequent visit to the beach didn't yield some great views, but on balance I felt that the chosen picture best summed up what has been an excellent day. It also followed an excellent evening in the pub last night, where we teamed up with three locals (named Kenny, Scottie and Jimmy - you couldn't make it up, and they obviously thought that everyone including people who don't like it should have 'y' or 'ie' at the end of their name...) with complementary knowledge (especially about popular music) to win the pub quiz. People here are so welcoming and they didn't seem to mind a bit, although there were a few halfhearted boos about the fact that we were a team of 5 rather than 4. But the landlord had given it his blessing and charged us extra for the privilege. Wouldn't want to abuse the hospitality in the future, mind. We'll be enjoying our complimentary meal vouchers probably tomorrow, but that'll mean drinking some more of their excellent beer, I should think. Everything has to be kept in balance.

Everyone loves a good quiz.

I re-read this and realised I'd overused the word 'excellent'. So I went with the flow and renamed the entire blip.

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