Bouncing Back

Bradford's bouncing back

I remember last year taking a new colleague to a clinic and as we drove through Bradford I was waxing lyrical about what a lovely city it can be and how it is enjoying a revival and is a hub of multi culturalism.

I then drove past various landmarks and showed her the football stadium ( " Oh you mean where the fire was " she said) then the canal
( " Oh where they found those bodies last year " ) and then we drove back along Manningham lane ( " Oh where the riots were ") , then onwards through Heaton, it has some lovely old houses I told her ( " Oh you mean where the Yorkshire Ripper lived" ). I realised at that point that maybe Bradford does have a difficult history, I also realised I should never work for the tourist board.. In retrospect Bradford really does have a challenging and chequered past and it has had to fight a lot of stigma and prejudices aswell as poverty and many ugly buildings.

What you see here is what the heart of Bradford is about. The history steeped in the town hall, fronted by it's new water feature.

I had a very late lunch break: it was great to be out in the newly resurrected sun and the water feature was a real crowd puller. ( Is that a phrase ). The reflections were sublime, the water was like a toy for adults and many of us were dodging in and out of the sprays like 5 year olds. You couldn't help but smile when you were in the epicentre of it all. Fab stuff indeed. ( Fab is about the best adjective you are going to get out of me tonight )

That half an hour has made a huge difference to me today.

Cheesetastic Song

I am off to my evening self help group now for individuals who use brackets too much ( Grammarwhores Anonymous )


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