Ok thanks to your comments, I have just changed the title. This one suits it much better

I would like to say that this was taken spontaneously as part of the loveliness that was our walk in Heaton Woods today, but it was actually taken when I was driving home and once more I had to park up and go shoot it. This time ,rather than yawning yet again about my Blip habits, the girls made up a song called " What you doing taking another picture ?", the words are pretty much repeating that core line before it climaxes with " Oh no camera memory full. Stop now ! "

A good day, the girls have chilled this morning whilst I wrote my piece for Blip about my 365 journey. It was great sitting there with a coffee, music on and a keyboard just to tap away at and write. If only there were career opportunites for people who liked spouting nonsense all day!

Had lunch at my mate Sid's then we had our walk in this great wintery freshness.

My mate Alan is coming round this evening to fill me in on his latest squeeze.

Just an hour or two before then with the paper and a film with the girls
Have a good evening you all


Had forgotten how much I love this song until I read Arroset and Steve's comments

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