investigations of a dag

By kasty

james clerk maxwell

creator of unifying electromagnetic theory and recent recipient of an honorary degree in road maintenance

just got lost in a wormhole of trivialities on the web.
things I have learned today
1) doesn't matter how long it's been or if I've seen them a million times, calvin and hobbs always make me smile and make me think of my brothers
2) Slave libertors were branded SS on the flesh beneath the thumb for "slave stealers" but they came to be known at rallies as "slave saviours"
3) how the beatles did the first dis-chord of hard day's night
4) how to get help with your garden when all your loved ones are in jail <>
5) how to close the laptop and walk away...

don't click the links... precious minutes of your life will evaporate like bytes over the ether, sucking your soul through optical fibre straws into the vacum of distraction.

hmm.. tad dramatic, but I'm pretty annoyed at myself for not getting on with a few more things this evening. May have to go cold turkey for a few days

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