Epiphany:" the sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something"! The day the Church marks with the Wise Men, having understood the meaning of the stars, bring gifts for a King. Here are my girls, when they were young, preparing to take part in an Epiphany Service.

This is a blip just for me!

When I was about 5 years old The Mother bought a set of Nativity figures from Woolworth's for 2/6d. With enamel paints she coloured the white figures. She enjoyed doing this so much that she did many sets, one for my school, one for the Casualty department of our hospital where she worked, and more.

When she handed them over to me, about 30 years ago, I should have taken better care of them. I shouldn't have let them rattle around in a plastic bag. I have now had to add a second set because I have lost some of the original ones. Mary, the first and second Magi and the camel are from the first set.

Blip is making me record things that are important in my life. The Mother's work on these is one of those things. Best to record it now while she is still with me.

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