Robin at large

By Robin

Silver Darling

The series of Aberdeen restaurants by night continues. This is down at Fittie where I have been for several blips in the past. The Silver Darling restaurant overlooks the entrance to the harbour. Or is it a port? I am nor sure I know the difference. This is another restaurant I am planning to visit in a few weeks time.

To be honest I am not sure this is one of my favourites, not somewhere I would choose personally. Quite expensive and a bit pretentious. But then I am not paying, so not my problem. It used to be considered, maybe still is, the best restaurant in Aberdeen for fish.

There was quite a bit of activity in the port this evening while I was down there. It was pretty cold. I could have done with gloves, but I have not got the hang of using a camera with gloves on.

Silver darling is a herring, which were much fished on the East coast of Scotland, and were the staple of many of the fishing villages up and down the coast. Not much of the fishing industry remains today.

The Port Authority building appears on the right. Perhaps this suggests to me that Aberdeen has a port, not a harbour.

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