Not the Nine O Clock News

9pm on a Saturday and I am eating tomato soup and flicking through the TV channels. What happened to my partying side! It's hardly rock n roll news

Busy day, we have been in Manchester I had to visit the Apple store to get yet another new phone ( don't even ask what i did this time ). It was a lovely crisp day with pink and blue skies at sunset and my phone lost all the shots I took when it resynced on the computer . Bollocks

Anyway this is an article that I took from a paper lying around in Cafe Nero . It's definitely not the Daily Mail and I definitely have not tired to cross out any evidence of it being that racist right wing comic. On this occasion it did have a really lovely article which is why I kept it. It's all about David Hockney the local Bradford artist who has permanent exhibitions in Salts Mill. It talks about how his dying friend asked him to start being more Yorkshire like ( he previously mainly did American images ) and it's thanks to that man that Hockney did so many local images for us including a very famous painting of Salts Mill. I had not known all this before.

I watched Hockney on TV this week and heard him talk about how he sees colours and angles in things . Fascinating .

I have kept the article as its sad but inspiring.

I am feeling all Saltairey this week as have just applied to exhibit some of my photos in an arts festival in May. Wish me luck.

Hope your night is more newsworthy than mine


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