By J0shua

Ride #1

My first ride of the day, spent some time riding circles in a car park, so whipped out the phone and took some stupid photos. Anyway thought it may make a good montage.

Ride #2 of the day was just after Australia smacked the Indians again (India cricket, where the bloody hell are ya). Big rain clouds were bearing down on Sydney and most people were heading for cover and getting inside. Not me I was heading out. To say I got wet is like saying India had a chance of winning. Wet to bone and enjoyed every moment of it. Going out in such weather is not unusual for me; I'm sure my Mother would agree weather conditions don't stop me, may slow me down but rain, hail or shine the local roads, footpaths, dirt roads and singletracks are ready to be ridden.

L l l arge M m montageee

My day in point:
Sleep in - research - ride #1 - reading & music - coffee - cricket (whooo hoo) - riding the rain - abuse channel 9 in social media about TDU coverage - tv - create montage for blip

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