Fishing In Port Seton

Instead of going to our own church today we visited Chalmers Memorial Church in Port Seton.

As our pipe organ now requires remedial work and upgrading, one of our options is to replace it with a high-quality digital model, therefore we have to listen to various models and hear what their organists think of them. We were very much impressed with the model that Chalmers Memorial installed a few years ago and see many advantages that digital organs offer.

The building itself is historically interesting, grade A listed, with many delightful features, like the stencilling on the beams, the 'pawnbroker's' brass balls below the light, symbolising redemption and the model fishing boat, which has no religious significance but represents the fisherfolk whose contributions built the church. However, not all features are obvious to the visitor. For example, either side of the steps to the pulpit are wood carvings, on the right is the pelican plucking her breast to feed her young, which represents self-sacrifice and this on the left, of fishermen hauling in their net, representing evangelism.

It is well worth a visit even without the attraction of a digital organ.

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