The produce of summer

Another absolutely stunning day, minus yesterday's nor'westerly wind.

Our mornings are cooler than summer mornings often are. It felt distinctly autumnal first thing on my bike (noooooooooo!) but I had a glow by the time I got to work ;-)

All my colleagues are back and it's nice to share the load again. Last week a work mate and I discovered an apricot tree on campus. No, I'm not telling you where it is either ;-) Today we raided it lunchtime. Probably a little too soon but we've beaten the birds and what we've picked will ripen (as the test few did over the weekend).

After work it was into the garden for me. Yesterday was too hot to plant new lettuce or water the new back garden. Watering is tricky with our restrictions (due to quake damage to wells and pipes). I've become adept with my method of sharing 2 buckets when I shower to capture water. I also use a bucket in the kitchen to reuse water I've only rinsed vegetables etc with. It all helps.

And now I'm up to date with my blips but not up to date with my life. Dinner debris await me in the kitchen and a load of dirty washing. Such was the timetable of my weekend but it was worth it :-)

All of which means I'll catch you tomorrow.

Saturday's - Razor wire and street art

Sunday's - North Canterbury

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