My Year in Pictures

By jenny

20 ...

... eyes looking directly at me and Bill!

Not the best, but the first time I've had the right lens on the camera and seen the deer so they had to be blipped today!

Great day. Absolutely no soreness or stiffness after yesterday's exertions so headed off to the gym first thing giving Mr Scary a big thank you as I started my workout. The training really is beginning to pay off - feeling as good as I did yesterday and today is testament to that - just now need to keep it up for another 6 weeks!

Then headed off down to Cotswold Outdoor at Cotswold Water Park. Whilst my legs and the rest of the body haven't been feeling any side effects, my feet have been and I've decided trusty boots aren't really going to cut it with the mileage I'm doing at the moment and then eventually in the Sahara. Got amazing service from a lovely guy and left an hour later with some ace boots - and a bargain as they were in the sale too!

And a glorious late afternoon walk with Bill. The light was gorgeous - though unfortunately the deer were in the shade - and we had a leisurely walk round our usual route.

Now need to catch up on a few bits and pieces which should have been done during the day!

For the record: 4 miles, 1 hour 27 minutes, 501 calories.

Big Eyes is rather cool!

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