i capelli rossi

As I sit here on my couch, enjoying not being in class, I'm wondering if I can afford to take the night off and just drink hot chocolate and watch movies while the cold front freezes land and liquid beyond my doors.
I'd like to say without a smidgen of guilt that I can. Because I will. Got my grades back from our first GI exam and I didn't do nearly as bad as I honestly thought I had. That, in and of itself, is cause for celebration! Not to mention that my birthday is tomorrow. My favorite day of the year: January 18th. I love my birthday. I just think it's pretty.

So now I'm off to find a flick and make some delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows. Yum. Stay cozy out there.

But a word from Theodore Roosevelt to close me out: "Comparison is the thief of all joy."

No comparisons. Just joy.

On an unrelated note, my hair is long and I love it.

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