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By imo_weg

Walking in the Air

Day One - Maria arrives
Day Two - We see some cute animals and buildings

Today Maria and I drove for hours and hours to the Tahune Airwalk (slight exaggeration, but there's a map), which was pretty much a lot of fun. I'd only been once before, so it was cool to walk among the treetops, bounce about on the hanging bridges, admire the wilderness, and enjoy the sunshine. After discovering my ability to talk German was inhibited by concentrating on tricky roads we set the rule that in the car we'd speak English (good for Maria to practise anyway), and outside it would all be German. That worked out pretty well, and I think we startled a few people by jabbering along in some strange language, only for me to turn around and ask in broad Aussie 'could you please take a photo of us?'. I was amused at least.

The Airwalk is literally a walkway 20 metres in the air, up among the trees, with one cantilevered section looking out over the Huon River. Some people are apparently too scared to go on that bit - it looks like it shouldn't really stay up, but it all makes sense and works, and bounces and sways quite nicely in the wind.

On our way back we stopped at the Antarctic Division to look at their displays of Antarctic stuff. Hobart is one of the main gateways to the Antarctic, so we have a lot of people working here in related areas. It was interesting - they had information about all different things down there, especially the work going on in the Australian territories.

We took the long route home, via the Mt Nelson Signal Station, the Nelson Rd Bends, Churchill Ave and the Uni, before freshening up and heading out for fish and chips for dinner. Mmmmmm. And drinks with friends after that. Mmmmmmmmm.

And then I only just realised this actually is my 365th. Ooooh! I knew it was coming up, but forgot to check exactly when. Of course I thought I'd do a super wonderful 365 photo, but here's Maria and me on the swinging bridge, over the Huon river instead. Thanks everyone again for reading this and stuff. I don't know who the 130-odd people who look at each and every of my blips, but you're all pretty cool. It's a bit late now though, and this is a backblip, with one more to write, so maybe I'll do a proper writing up of what 365 feels like at a later stage and post it as an epilogue to this year or something. I do feel like there might be some kind of 'ending on a high' or 'the flowing waters of time' or 'swinging by' metaphor or simile to make here, but quite honestly it's quarter part midnight, I'm babysitting for half the day tomorrow, and have just sneezed myself a runny nose*, so I won't try and will go away and look after myself.

*No, I'm not sick, just sneezy. Maybe it's dust, or sun, or fun, or cat fur, or something.

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