The back story:
Day One - Maria Arrives
Day Two - cute animals and stuff
Day Three - up in the air and bridges and things (also my 365th blip!)

Today was Maria's last day in Tasmania. In fact, as I write she is (hopefully) navigating her way through Melbourne to her next accommodation. Honestly we didn't do much at all, had a lazy start to the morning, followed by a wander around the shops of Hobart, a stop at Villino, and a quick tour of some last Hobart sights. She mentioned she'd never tried oysters, so Mum brought some home for dinner entree. I'm not an oyster fan, but Maria certainly seemed to enjoy them. And then it was time to head off to the airport. The security men were all incredibly cheerful this evening, joking and chatting with us, and we had almost an hour to sit and watch the planes coming and going from 'busy' Hobart 'International' Airport.

It was wonderful to see someone from Austria again. Made me yearn to go back to Germany and Austria, to visit a few places again, and to see a lot more of the country. It was fabulous to have someone to inflict my incorrect prepositions on, to be pulled up on my mistakes, and just to jabber away in German again. And it was amazing to finally get to share my world with someone, to return that favour. I'm pretty proud of Australia sometimes, and love to help others see why I love it. I think Maria enjoyed it. I certainly loved playing the tourist, catching up on old times, and making plans to meet elsewhere in the world sometime sooner than in 6 years. Und so, danke Maria, es war so schön. Ich hab' viele Spaß gehabt, und hoffentlich hast du auch. Wir sehen uns wieder, vielleicht in Amerika, vielleicht in Deutschland, vielleicht irgendwo anders. Und bis dann tschüß, ciao, und auf wiedersehen!

And for those of you who notice such things, no I haven't been converted to Canon or anything, Maria's camera was just handier than mine at this moment. It was quite nice, but I still like mine more. The zoom turned the opposite way to mine, confusicating!

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