Really glad this came along tonight, having not taken any photos of anything significant during daylight today.

Dragged Euan off of his PS3 to act as assistant and parked up in a favourite spot away from as much of the orange light pollution as possible and pointed the camera directly north. There was a faint glow around the Ochils visible with the naked eye but the Aurora really shone after a long exposure. Froze my borealis's off for the next half hour watching it get brighter. Considering we're smack bang in the middle of the Central Belt in Scotland I was pretty well chuffed to see anything at all as I can only remember this happening once in the past around here, many years ago.

We're just about getting the feeling back in our fingers and toes now, but it was worth it.

Awesome in large

Location map of where image was taken. Here's another from The Life of Bri and another stunner from dougiebuster.

EDIT: I was reminded earlier that this is how the same view looks in the daylight

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