Mt Ruapehu

Meet Turoa, Mt Ruapehu, the most popular ski mountain in NZ, and an active volcano. It's a place of extremes, blizzard yesterday, fantastic (but windy and cold) day today. The skiing was great.

When I was a kid I used to ski here all the time, but then I choose to move south, to where there is "better" skiing. Sure, we have better snow and more stable weather conditions down south, but skiing Ruapehu is a special experience. The mountain has a personality of its own - it's an awesome place.

I have back blipped the last couple of days, the big news of course being that my 365 got moderated, my red balloon was burst. I don't agree with the "rules are rules" approach, I felt it was pretty uncalled for, but to Joes credit he responded to me personally. And I really appreciate that - it helped take the pain away ;-)

But then skiing today, the world and life seemed pretty insignificant. Man it was good! Oh yeah, I did some work too ;-)

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