Sealed the barbecue with the time capsule in the base today with a helping hand from Jeepo.

The final list of things that went in it are:
o A Times newspaper from this week.
o A local newspaper from yesterday.
o A selection of current british coins.
o A petrol reciept.
o A shopping reciept.
o A memory card containing a small text file of who I am, some pictures and the current british music chart number one. Dizzee Rascal - Dance wiv me.
o And lastly a blip card with my blipfoto address to this entry.


Just checked my mental list from yesterday's entry and all but (was going to re-pot Bethany's plant but accidentally watered it which makes it a bit harder to do) managed to complete it adding watching 2 films and fixing some code I was working on, on Friday. I do feel a sense of achievement.

I would rather they were here, but I did manage to get an awful lot of wee niggly jobs done and out of the way while Mrs TFP and TFP Juniors are away seeing TFP-Mother-in-Law.

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