Plus ça change...

By SooB


Lazy family snap blip today because it seems to have got late already and there's still the ironing to be done.

Day out at the wildlife park at Sigean today. It's quite a nice size - you can walk around the walking part in an hour or two, and the driving bit only takes an hour (even with the terrible traffic jams to look at the bears today - we normally go off-season). And where else is there a wildlife park that you can get a carafe of wine with your lunch for Euros2.50?

So, here's an ostrich trying all the car doors as they crawl by. The kids were entranced.

Had a very scary moment earlier which I have to share as I feel you'll understand. After our trip to America, I put together a short list of 130 or so photos to have in a slideshow to show folk what we got up to (we've had a lot of visitors these past few weeks). Obviously I knew 130 was too many so Mr MT offered to go through and thin them down a bit. He then took out all the landscape shots I was proud of but had no people in them (fair enough). Today I went to look for a picture I wanted to print out and put on the wall but, shock horror, it was gone. While 'deleting from album' in PS he had managed to check the 'also delete from hard drive' box too. EEEK. 30 boring landscape shots lost forever!

Luckily, it turned out that the backing up I remembered doing after the event, was actually done before .... so I've only lost my editing, not the snaps. Phew. You know, typing it out it doesn't seem like such a big deal, indeed I even feel I may have come across as being sarcastic, but at the time I was.... very irked (now there's a word you don't hear very often).

Lovely start to the week otherwise, another gorgeous day. I'm making sure to enjoy the sun especially this week, as this time next week we'll be back in Scotland to face a mountain of mail and possibly a wee change in temperature.

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