Plus ça change...

By SooB


Mostly a day in the garden today, trying to get some of the weeds out. Around here that involves the strongest secateurs you can find and, on a couple of occasions today, a saw. And obviously I managed to pick a very hot day so it also involved burnt shoulders and a couple of strategic cold beers.

The subject of today's blip, however, needs no weeding - our fantastic bamboo screen. It was planted about 7 years ago at the top of our garden where we are slightly overlooked. It took a few years to get up to the level of the wall above it but since it found some sunshine it has just taken off and is now at least 20 feet high. I love it because it takes no looking after and doesn't seem to mind having no water. Also generally bamboo seems like a bit of a wonder crop (even if you're not a panda) - clothes made from it are wonderfully soft and very eco friendly as it doesn't need pesticides or fertiliser and renews itself after harvest in about 3 years.

So, here's a view of the evening sun through my lovely bamboo. Don't know why the sunburst has gone blue. I blame photoshop.

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