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By pontycyclops

A Is For ... A New Blip Challenge

It's been a little while since I lay down the gauntlet!

New subscribers, to bring you up to speed...

First we had the ROY G BIV challenge ...

Then we had the Musical May challenge ...

And just before Christmas we had the October Origins challenge ....

Now for the first challenge of 2012 .... 26 days over 26 weeks .... I challenge you to produce one blip a week for each letter of the alphabet. Quite simple really. It doesn't matter which day of the week you blip it on, there are only three stipulations to the challenge.

1. Each blip must have the title of A is for [..]; B is for [..] etc etc as the weeks pass.

2. Each blip must have the tag "AlphaPonty". This is because it is a unique word, and will make the search matrix work, and keep all the blips together for anyone to see (click the link to see), and also because I quite like the sound of AlphaPonty, makes my ego feel good! ;o)

3. Each picture must be of something of that letter ... all puns will be groaned at loudly!

And before you think ... phew! I am safe for the next 26 weeks, there may be tie in's to future blip challenges as the year progresses ... we shall see!

So there you go! You up for the challenge? It's really not so stressful, just one blip a week you have to give some serious thought to!

I won't count this as my first weeks blip for A and I am defining a week as Monday to Sunday, so you have all this week to get started!

Hopefully this should be fun and creative, as I know you lot are ...

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