Return to the North

By Viking

A Kiwi kind of day

I love living in New Zealand - simple as that. I miss home occasionally, family and friends more often and Irn Bru and Galaxy chocolate even more. But I love NZ and tonight is why.
In the UK i was once chastised by a senior member of staff for going to a student's 18th birthday party. It was a family invite and the party was an afternoon garden party so there wasn't going to be any 'hanky panky' going on. It did cross my mind that I perhaps shouldn't go but then realized that it was at the request of both the boy and his parents, so I went, and had a lovely time. But the backlash was unexpected!

Now jump forward 7 years and move to the other hemisphere and things are totally different. Tonight myself, TeeJay and another member of staff were invited out to a 'dinner party' at one of our student's houses. It was delightful, relaxed and good company. No chastisement from the Principal either!

This is E's sister T on her horse, getting in some riding practice before a competition later in the month.

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