A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


This might be less confusing it there was a road going that direction...

Grey, cold, average'y sort of day except for the trip to the dentist this morning.

After several years of serial drilling one molar gave way before Christmas, got patched, then one whole side fell off. Told to "come back in a couple of months" we get to this morning. Choices were 'drill it some more' or 'leave it alone'. Given that all 23mm of root nerve was drilled out previously (that was fun) it's pretty quiescent now. On the basis of if it ain't hurting, don't fix it I declined the most generous offer of yet more drillage.

Not sure the dentist would have approved of the doughnuts and choc's the boss brought in to celebrate his new baby girl's arrival. Still, I brought some fruit from Morrisons - all part of a balanced diet you see...

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