By wingpig

at least it cost me nothing but my dignity

One of the advantages of not paying people to cut your hair is that you save money. The last time I went somewhere and paid someone to cut it they bollocksed it up but only charged £5 though they did recommend that a 'stylist' would be better at coping with trimming the very very ends off long hair. Not wanting to pay in excess of £20 I reverted to cutting my hair myself.

One of the disadvantages of not paying people to cut your hair is that if you bollocks it up you have only yourself to blame.

Took a little too much off this evening. Bah. Still, it's sort-of-winter so I can wear hats at all times other than at work when I have to look like a tit anyway due to the clothing regulations.

Spent so long dithering about where to go for a walk when I eventually got home today that I only had half an hour before I needed to be back. Went to the tunnel where some childstudents were apparently sliding along on skateboards on their faces. Their presence prevented me from taking the picture I intended to take so took some pictures of the wall-slime instead then experimented with a route home through the back of Homebase.

Grumpy and probably tired but too grumpy to tell. In any case I must be up early.

Hmmm. Still too short in the morning and it looks as if I might have to re-trim the back (which grows about twice as fast as the front) to avoid any risk of it looking even slightly mulletty from any angle whatsoever at any point over the regrowing period.

At least there were some fluourescent people with bits of cardboard on which were written anti-driving-whilst-using-a-mobile sentiments standing round the Lothian Road/West Approach junction this morning.

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