2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Wish I knew more about birds...

Needed to get out at lunchtime after a morning of back to back meetings and more news about upcoming changes.

Very cold but lovely and bright. Lots and lots of birds around. I did wonder if they were having to forage more to keep their energy levels up in the cold weather. I'm not very good at identifying birds, to my shame. I heard the local woodpecker several times and watched a nuthatch zip up and around the branches of a large tree. Pretty sure I saw a redwing too.

I think this bird might be a fieldfare - it had a very grey head. I've seen quite a few of them around this winter.

Out for a quiz night at a friend's daughter's school tonight. We did OK but probably didn't play our joker on our best round. I can thank Terry Pratchett for one answer that I managed to get...According to Jewish folklore, what is the name of an animated anthropomorphic being, created entirely from inanimate matter - (answer: a golem).

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