2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Waiting for the interview @BBCBerkshire

After I'd completed my 365 photos, I got an email from R at Blip Central asking if I would like him to do a press release. I said yes not knowing if anybody would be interested.

About a week later, I got a call from BBC Radio Berkshire asking if I'd like to go in and do an interview. A bit scary, but the interview was today.

The studio assistant, Emma, and the presenter, Sarah, had looked at lots of my photos and they really put me at ease before we started. The slot was 45 minutes long and featured three bursts of interview spliced with traffic news (escaped wheely bin on the M4), news and weather. It went very quickly.

Hope people enjoyed it. I had fun talking about the 365 experience and some of the special photos. The ones we discussed most were:

My favourite: mist

Ones the presenter picked out: Christmas interrupted
Genuine Reading Festival Mud

(and the one I'm very glad she didn't bring up: Office view)

The photo is of the control room outside the studio where I waited until the show started at 3 pm. (I was watching that clock on the wall very nervously!).

Thanks Blipfoto and thanks BBC Radio Berkshire.

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