By Squonk

Ricoh GR1s

So I'd been waiting all week to get out and shoot with this little Ricoh GR1s. I finally got the chance today.

It's a total pleasure to shoot with, but I have to get used to it and it is of course very, very different from using a single lens reflex.

I popped a roll of Ilford Pan F 50 into the little beast this morning and went for a stroll towards Leicester, through Knighton and along Queens Road to Victoria Park - and then back again.

I finished off my roll of 36 exposures today, although somehow shooting with film made me slow down and I found my 36 shots "went further" than they would have if I was shooting digital.

I processed the film myself at home this evening using Infosol 3 developer. I had been used to developing 120 film, but despite shooting 35mm for many years before going digital, I'd never developed my own roll of 35mm before. I found it much, much easier to get the film onto the developing spiral than I ever have done with 120.

I seemed to end up with a lot of dust on my negatives today, and some nasty drying marks despite having used some wetting agent for the washes.

But, looking forward to putting my next roll through this lovely little camera. It seems to well deserve its good reputation.

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