BikerBear's Blips

By BikerBear

Collared Dove

We get a lot of these in the garden - today there are more than usual sitting in the snow under the bird feeders eating the dropped grain - this was taken through the kitchen window - too flipping cold to mooch about outside and, anyway, all the birdies fly away when they see me - (note to self: clean all windows inside and out if thinking of blipping more) - and I was pleased with my camera settings to blur the background and bring the dove into decent focus ...... maybe I AM getting better with the technical side of things!

Stay warm everyone ......

PS Some backblips here .... please indulge me, I THINK I have worked out how to make the yellow links - a work in progress so getting carried away ..

BackBlip1 Detroit
BackBlip2 Double Rainbow
BackBlip3 Mackinac Bridge
BackBlip4 Marinette
BackBlip5 Madison
BackBlip6 Chicago
BackBlip7 Albuquerque
BackBlip8 Los Alamos
BackBlip9 Paris Texas

UPDATE - woooohooooo ... they all work (for me anyway!!!)

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