By tondrijfhamer

Horror winter?

Sometimes this go not as planned.
Early this morning I picked up Ron and we went to the Fochteloërveen to meet Herman ands Niels, to capture the sunrise.
At least we thought we did.....

At full speed on the A28-motorway my car suddenly had all kind of hickups, so we ended up at a parkingspace, wondering what to do.
The problem probably was the cold (-10 C), but since I never experienced something like this, I called the ANWB (car help). We were told that help was on the way, but waitingtime could take up to 1 hour. That was at 07.00 am.
Hearing that message, our sunrise vanished into thin air. But at least we had hot tea and hot coffee. Around 08.00 am help arrived and the diagnosis 'ice flakes in the fueltank' was made.
The man worked for about 30 minutes, and then my car came alive again.
Compliments to the ANWB!!

At 09.15 am we met Niels and Herman on the ice of the beautiful Fochteloërveen, near Appelscha, with the sun already high in the sky, but soon we'd forgotten everything about the delay. Well, almost.... a horror winter of 1 hour is long enough.

Ron, Herman, Niels: Despite the fuel-ice-problems I had a great time on the ice!!
Ron: Thanks for your patience and sorry for ruining your sunrise.

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