By tondrijfhamer

In the Dutch mountains

Winter seems to be over for about a week now, but the remains of it are still visible at the IJsselmeer, Hindeloopen (Frisia).
Last week I saw several fantastic photos of shelf ice passing by on my screen, so I couldn't wait for this weekend to go out and see it for myself. I feared I was a bit too late because of the thaw, but it turned out to be still fantastic to see.

During the past few days preparations for this trip with Ron and Herman were made, and today my alarmclock woke me up at 04.30 am (or as Ron calls it: at silly o'clock), I met Ron at 05.30 am.
After picking up Herman we went on to Hindeloopen and arrived at the scene around 07.30 am. To our surprise (not!) we weren't the first to arrive. Several photographers were doing their thing already.

Around 09.00 am it was really getting crowded (kids, dogs, families, polar bears) so we left and head straight for a restaurant with coffee and warm apple dumpling.

All and all a great morning! Thanks Herman, Ron for sharing this experience.

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