What a weird day we had today. It began with a power outage. I woke around eight and when I went to switch on the light in the bathroom, nothing happened. I figured the bulb had blown but quickly realized we had no power. And it was quite cold in the house. No heat. I called the power company but all they said was that they were aware of power outages in Bellingham.

We decided to get dressed quickly and head out to a warm place for coffee and a light breakfast. As we drove we found that parts of the route had power and parts didn't. My brother's house, a short walk from ours, had power. Several neighborhoods further away did not. We got our breakfast and did the final errands to get ready for our trip tomorrow. By the time we headed home the street lights were back on so we thought our power would be back but it wasn't. So we went over to my brothers to play games before taking off the Dave and Nora's for Super Bowl Sunday.

We had a great time there. Two other couples were there and there was a great spread of food to share while we watched the game. I had meant to bring wine but in the power outage daze forgot. Felt bad because everybody else contributed to the yummy feast.

I decided to root for the Giants since I lived in NY state some time back. The game was close and exciting. We had a great deal of fun. The photo is my sister-in-law Nora drinking a Margarita. She made the best one I'd ever tasted and I really enjoyed mine. After the game we watched "The Voice" on TV and then headed home.

At home we found the power back but the smoke detectors were going nuts. They were beeping as if their batteries needed replacing but that didn't help. We finally removed all but one which was quiet. The really weird part was that there is still a beep coming from one of the holes where a detector was. It's gone but there is still a beep. I feel like we are in the Twilight Zone. UBO... Unidenfied Beeping Object. Hopefully our friend Ric who is our handy person can help us fix this before we take off tomorrow so the house sitter doesn't have to worry about the noise.

Like I said a weird day.

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