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Static Roadshow

Today I was in the big city for conference. It was sold as a roadshow though given that it was a one off in one place I don't think they can really get away with calling it that.

Recently the train price for a ticket to the city from here has gone up vastly and so out of line with the rest of the ticket prices on that route. I can only presume this is so that the train company can really clean up when the Olympics start up later in the year. Anyway the purchase of two lots of return tickets for different parts of my journey meant I got the same ticket with a reduction of 30%, very important when working for a charity. So thats my top tip for all Pompey communters out there, go for the Godalming split (you just have to ensure you get on a train that stops there thats all).

The conference was pretty good, I learnt some stuff and ate plenty of mini pastries which is always a bonus. The sun was just about still up when we left so I managed to get this shot from Waterloo Bridge on the way back to the station. I also took a picture for a tourist standing infront of this scene though as I took my time over taking the shot I think he got a bit nervous as he seemed particularly grumpy when I gave him his camera back. Hopefully he will like the picture anyway.

I managed to get home before bath time though it was quite a slog. I simply don't now how some people do that journey everyday. Usually when I visit the city i try and bring back something for the little ones, today I had little time though. That said I think girl was quite happy with her IT company branded pen, though Boy was not exactly blown away with the branded jute bag.

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