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By teamdel

9 months old

Its official, Baby has now experienced more outside the womb than in it now so its time for some more monthly pictures.

I still feel rubbish and am getting bored of being unwell now, this though is a good sign as it means I am getting better.

Thankfully for all, except my headache, the rest of the family are all fine, apart from the usual teething, shouting, coughing, sleep deprivation, but then that does not count as that normal.

I can honestly say that the last nine months have been the hardest we have ever experienced. Everday of it I have felt guilt for my classic quote made approx 18 months ago to my wife. "If we try for a second child there is no way we could have one that could be anywhere near as bad at sleeping as the first, we are due a sleeper"

However I can also say how fantastic it is to have a boy now and how warm he makes everyone he meets with his smiles, that never seem to run out. The way he and his sister interact is excellent (most of the time) and the way his Mum has got through these months in tact with such a lovely little boy is incredible.

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