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One R2D2 unit to another

Still feeling a bit rubbish today. We went for a bit of a walk this morning to exercise the little ones and get some fresh air, which didnt make me feel any better. We wandered round a massive cemetery for a bit, there are plenty of them round here.

Cemeterys are actually nice places to wander with the children as they can have a good run around and you see lots of nature. As these places go it was ok but a bit too recent for my liking, I prefer the one down the road from us as it is a bit more historic with its occupants and so therefore less real to take in and consider morality.

I got some nice squirrel pictures whilst we were there but as we walked back by the football ground the street art was always going to be a better blip. I like the art up around the stadium and it regularly changes.

I have never seen the R2 unit there before and it seemed fitting to blip it along side our one. In a recent blip I featured the buggy. It has been an important part of our life over the last year and continues to be so. Like R2D2 it contains many useful things and has helped us out of a few scraped.

I complain about its cumbersome wheels and design quite often though I would no doubt be lost without it. Oh my god, does that mean I have become C3PO.

Oh its all your fault R2!

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