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Les Mis

Bloomin' cold this morning was the thought as we went to swimming. Boy did ok but as usual was not too happy about swimming so early in the morning. Girl has a bad ear and so we were missing her swimming which meant we could all pile down the road where the casting for extras for the movie Les Miserables They were after men to pass as French with beards, so I put on my blue and white stripy top, stroked my furry chin and set out confident.

It was very, very cold and by the time we got there and parked Boy was getting tired. We got both kids in their snow suits and headed towards the line of people. And so it was we announced our way into the queue with quite some noise as he screamed and screamed with fatigue.

Straight away a man approached and told Wife she was unacceptable due to having nice highlighted hair. Luckily for me I don't have such hair issues and so I was given a lucky piece of paper meaning I could get cold with the hundreds of other wannabe anonymous hopefuls. Things were looking up, and they hadn't even seen my stripey top yet.

Boy was not prepared to calm down and we were getting lots of disapproving looks so Wife took him of to the car for a sleep. Girl decided to fight the cold in the queue with me and eat sweeties. The queue moved well but not well enough to keep the cold at bay and the sweeties were not providing much warmth either.

Girl battled well for a good while, and some nice people behind us in the queue offerred to hold our place whilst we moved into the sun for heat, but enough was enough so Wife came and got her to join the car warmth. I was now near the front of the queue and before I knew it was through the door filling out forms and getting annoyed that I didn't know my national insurance number.

After the form filling I was sent through to another room to be measured and photoed with my number before dropping it in a box labled "MEN". As I left I span round to take a quick blip before heading back to the family motor.

It will be fun to work with Russell Crowe and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), particularly as it will be local as I am not really into long commutes to work. The pay seems ok though the hours seem long and there was no mention of a pension or anything.

It will also be interesting to see the sad story of Les Dennis having his heart broken by the girl from Bishops Waltham, who had a public affair with Bob the Builder, before going on to be a judge on Britians Got Talent, put to the silver screen and maybe even to music.

After all the excitment of the morning we camped out at home for the rest of the day watching Big Cook, Little Cook whilst dreaming of Hollywood coming to Pompey.

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