2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Snow and moss

So nice to be able to enjoy a bit of a lie in this morning (even though the alarm clock did go off at 6.15).

Busy body pump class this morning. The snow by the river had almost gone and it felt much warmer. The garden has been gradually returning to green during the day. This was the boundary between the melting snow and the moss on the roof of the little play house in the garden.

Managed to put some stuff up in the loft and bring some old empty boxes down to recycle. Our loft seems to be insulated with old computers, old graphics cards and cables.....one day the ceilings WILL come down under the weight of stuff.

Nice afternoon keeping warm and reading my next book club book 'I do not come to you by chance'. It was my selection so I need to finish it before the end of the week and do some research on the author.

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