The Silver Dancers

A sunset walk through Rothwell Country Park with my friend Helen and her daughter and Erin and Lottie

Cold and bracing is, I think, the correct term for how the walk felt, or as we say in Yorkshire " Bloody hell, it's f%cking freezing " but we managed an hour of brisk walking before going home to throw another Lancastrian on the fire.

This is not spectacturaly focused or well thought out but I just wanted to share the shimmeriness thatI saw today, it was very uplifting. The blur honestly really adds a certain Je Ne Sais Quois ( French for " Yeah, right who are you trying to kid )

Heavens above only 8.30 and you have had a Yorkshire lesson and a French lesson. How I spoil you

Speaking of spoilt I hope you have all had a lovely Valentine's Day. I had three huge bars of Marmite chocolate gifted to me. Yum de yum de yum

Heart Shaped Box


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